Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentEndodontic treatment (root canal treatment) may be recommended by your dentist to preserve a tooth that has:

  •  Large decay or breakdown of filling / crown
  • Been heavily restored
  • Extreme wear of dental tissue
  • A traumatic dental injury

Teeth that may require root canal treatment can be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, may be sore or painful to touch and have tender surrounding tissues.

Common problems in teeth that require root canal treatment include:

  • Inflamed teeth – the tooth with an inflamed pulp (nerve) can be very painful. Treatment of this situation involves removal the inflamed tissue, thorough shaping and cleaning and finally sealing the canal systems once the tooth is symptom-free.
  • Infected teeth – the tooth with an infected pulp has bacteria from the mouth multiplying in the canal systems and the tooth can develop a localised infection. Treatment of this situation involves shaping and cleansing the canal systems with various files and irrigants and finally sealing the canals to remove all nutrients that any remaining trapped bacteria could digest.
  • Root canal re-treatments – some teeth that have had previous root canal treatment can become re-infected with bacteria. Treatment and disinfection of these teeth is more complicated and involves removal of the canal filling and any obstructions to the canal, further shaping and cleansing of the canal systems.

To provide optimal care our dentists may organise referral to an endodontist for assessment and treatment of extra canals initially missed; removal of posts, original root fillings and separated instruments; repair of canal perforations and complete re-treatment in teeth that have a good prognosis.