Preventive Dental Care

Preventive Dental CarePreventive care is a main focus of our dental practice. We recommend regular dental examinations (between 6 to 12 monthly visits) to ensure that any issues are diagnosed and treated before they become a bigger problem.

During your 6 – 12 monthly visits our dentists will complete a “Comprehensive Oral Examination” which will see the dentist examining, evaluating and recording the status of your dentition, mouth and associated structures. This may require additional diagnostic procedures including dental radiographs.

Our dentists will also assess your periodontal (gum) tissue, remove plaque, general staining, calculus (tartar) and apply decay-preventing, remineralising agents as required. Our dentists will also help you form an ideal oral care routine and offer advice regarding tooth brushing and periodontal care.

Regular dental hygiene appointments followed with optimum home dental care are critical for continued maintenance of your teeth and gums.